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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

after christmas deals

So because mary was on call xmas on the day after I picked her up at 8 and we went looking for breakfast. IHOP was open. Seriously, that is it. Bob's was closed (we understand bob, just a little disappointed) as was every other breakfast joint in midtown and east memphis. We would have ventured further except I hate the suburbs and people are still driving like morons on the slushy ice crap on the roads. Oh, I guess the CK's diners were open, but those are seriously suspect. I went in there to study one evening and it was all pimps and drunks. Anyway, turns out IHOP is nice in the south. I guess when your competition is W_FFL_ HOU_E then you are bound to look good.

Those were some mean sausage links. Holla.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

memphis snow, part deux

Several weeks ago there was a link from jalopnik about how to do that 180ยบ tire-squealing turn that they do in the movies all of the time. Well tonight on our street covered with ice, I did it. Just for no reason and with no premeditation I turned slightly, pulled the handbrake and loved every second of it. Like the man said, "fookin brilliant." You know I will be doing this again.

memphis snow

memphis snow
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Well its the first snow of the year in Memphis. Of course everyone is just crazy. Little reminder to the girl in the car stuck in front of our house - spinning your tires until they're bald is doing NO good. Props to the guy with chains. Because you need that shit with only 2" on the ground.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

bah humbug

So tomorrow is the peak FedEx delivery day. Memphis is the FedEx hub. And every plane they own flew over my house last night between 12 and 4. Why can't everyone just ignore their relatives who moved away like they did in the old days. Right.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Special gate to hell

So polite conversation last week lead me to learn that Memphis maintains a violent crime rate 5 times the national average and is perenially near the top of most murders per capita. But hey, it's also the least dense city in the world. J was right; special gate to hell. Maybe that's where my bike is. Holla

Thursday, December 09, 2004

dead week

dead week

So I didn't post on dead week, but at least I'm doing it now. This guy
is old, jerry-curled and sporting a strong Jersey accent. What else
could you want in a bad elvis. This guy was just the tip of the iceberg
on beale street on dead week.

That and I'm trying out the flickr/blogger connection.


So, I actually read some of my early posts. Longing for winter eh, I
guess its not too bad. It's in the 60s today and it actually is winter.
I'm just dreading the first "snow". People drive like morons in the
rain, I can't wait for the asshats to see the snow. Anyway, this is my
first emailed post, so don't get too upset if works for shit.

school's a killa

grad school is killing this fella. Nevertheless, I really should keep up with this. My writing has turned to crap just when I need it to get better. So back to the blog. My goal is 3 posts a week. We'll giver a shot, huh?

So, on december 6 it was nearly 80 degrees F here. WTF mate? I went outside with a coat on and was nearlly knocked over by the heat. Figures. I guess that means the stores won't be sold out of hats and scarves and gloves and the like just yet. People here don't put that stuff on until it gets down into the 50s.

Not much of a first post back, but what's a fella to do?