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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

after christmas deals

So because mary was on call xmas on the day after I picked her up at 8 and we went looking for breakfast. IHOP was open. Seriously, that is it. Bob's was closed (we understand bob, just a little disappointed) as was every other breakfast joint in midtown and east memphis. We would have ventured further except I hate the suburbs and people are still driving like morons on the slushy ice crap on the roads. Oh, I guess the CK's diners were open, but those are seriously suspect. I went in there to study one evening and it was all pimps and drunks. Anyway, turns out IHOP is nice in the south. I guess when your competition is W_FFL_ HOU_E then you are bound to look good.

Those were some mean sausage links. Holla.


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