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Monday, May 31, 2004

oh, yeah

So Beth said I should blog 'bout moving down here. Down here is Memphis. I'm from Illinois. They call it the mid-south, but it sure seems south to me. I went to see Steve Earle the other day (http://steveearle.com/) and he was booed [boo'd?] when he said that the civil war was fought over slavery and not state's rights. Really. Who booes [boo's] a pretty well informed entertainer whom you have just slapped $30 down to see over what most historians on the subject would agree is a pretty accurate statement (slave driven economy and all)? Southerners, that's who. Don't tell me this is the mid-south, its not. Its the damn south. Deal with it.

Anyway. Moved down here. It is kinda strange. Not always like you would expect. I'm not going to be trying to define the new south or the new, new south or the whatever. I'm just giving myself an outlet to write about what makes down here different in my view and how it effects my perspective.

I guess I'm getting a late start on it, but now is better than tomorrw, right?

Sunday, May 30, 2004

longing for winter

Not really. Friday we were meeting with the vet. He said (among other things) winters here are terrible because on one day it may be 78 degrees and on the next it can be 20 (he actually gave dates and examples, so this rates only just above "hmmm" on the hyperbolie scale). Sounds better than Illinois where it is 20 and 20 and 20 and 21 for the month of January.